Hydrology / Hydraulics

Project Identification - HISINC, L.L.C. will meet with you, visit the Project site, and evaluate the initial project opportunity or requirements, to determine the best manner in which to further evaluate a project site. Detailed Studies - HISINC, L.L.C. will perform preliminary or detailed studies, including hydrologic and hydraulic evaluations, and project concepts, related to stormwater evaluation and stormwater detention projects, flood studies, channel improvements and dam evaluations. FEMA CLOMR and LOMR Applications – HISINC, L.L.C. is able to prepare and submit the required applications and supporting data for Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) and Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for your Project. Design Services - HISINC, L.L.C. is capable of providing detailed design services for development of the construction plans for construction of the facility.

Examples of hydrology and stormwater projects in which Mr. Smith was Principal-in-Charge, Project Manager, or Hydrologist include:
  • Mingo Creek Feasibility Study, Tulsa, Oklahoma ( 1975-1977), Hydrologist
  • FEMA FIS Studies, 23 communities in Northeastern Oklahoma (1977-1980), - Project Engineer responsible for reconnaissance of historical flooding, watershed hydrology, utilization of HEC 2 backwater computer analysis program, preparation of technical reports and work maps.
  • City of Yukon, Oklahoma, Federal Emergency Management Agency - Principal/Project Manager for update of FIS for three (3) tributaries to the North Canadian River, and Main Stem of Turtle Creek, West Branch of Turtle Creek, East Branch of Turtle Creek, and Middle Stem Turtle Creek with Holly Branch, all within the City of Yukon.
  • Creek County, Oklahoma, Federal Emergency Management Agency - Principal/Project Manager for update of FIS for Polecat Creek, Rock Creek, and Nickel Creek within the Creek County jurisdiction.
  • North Canadian River Bypass - Senior Hydraulic Consultant on the backwater analysis of the North Canadian River for a new bridge for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. This was an alluvium bottom evaluation to determine upstream flooding effects with the placement of embankment and bridge piers in and adjacent to the North Canadian River.
  • Joe Creek And Little Joe Creek Master Drainage Plan, City of Tulsa, Oklahoma - Principal/Project Manager for master drainage plans for both Joe Creek and Little Joe Creek Basin Studies. Master drainage planning included evaluation of existing hydrologic and hydraulic conditions, development of flooding solutions, estimates of project costs, economic evaluations (B/C analysis) and report preparation. Principal/Project Manager for the design and construction management of a stormwater bypass system at Treehouse Condominiums, which was identified as a priority project in the Master Drainage Plan.
  • Tulsa County Exposition Center, Hydrologist, Updated Hydrology Study and Stormwater Detention Analysis and Design for Exposition Center Expansion for Matrix Architects. (2001-2002)
  • Tyann Development, Owasso, Oklahoma, Hydrology Study, Revised Stormwater Detention Design, CLOMR Application for FEMA (2002), Hydrologist
  • Sanders Engineering, Tulsa, Oklahoma, various Hydrology Studies and Stormwater Detention Facility Hydraulic Designs for subdivisions. (2001-2004), Hydrologist
  • Hall-Rosenbaum & Associates, L.L.C., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, various Hydrology Studies and Stormwater Detention Facility Hydraulic Designs for subdivisions. (2002-2004), Hydrologist
  • Craig & Keithline, Inc., City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Backwater Analyses for ODOT Highway Projects. (2004), Hydraulic Engineer
  • Bixby Public Schools Maintenance Department, Bixby, Oklahoma, various Hydrology Studies and Stormwater Detention Facility Hydraulic Design, and Construction Drawings for Bixby High School, Bixby Middle School, and North Elementary School. (2001-2002) Hydrologist
  • Owasso Public Schools, Owasso, Oklahoma, Hydrology Study and Stormwater Detention Facility Hydraulic Design for New Sports Building on High School campus. (2001) Hydrologist
  • Owasso Land Trust, Owasso, Oklahoma, Hydrology Study, Stormwater Detention Facility Hydraulic Design, CLOMR and/or LOMR Applications for two residential subdivisions in Owasso area. (2002-2004) Hydrologist
  • Private Individual Drainage Analyses and Legal Consultations on Hydrology and Floodplain Management Issues (2000-2004) Hydrologist and Hydraulic Engineer
  • Rural Water District No. 3, Washington County, Backwater Study for Low Water Supply Project on Caney River, (2003-2004), Hydraulic Engineer

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